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About company

JSC «Ukraina» is a specialized company. We produce  high-quality comfortable hosiery for all family. Our aim is satisfaction of buyers demand. Our experts constantly work at improvement of technology. We create collections using new kinds of raw materials.

Our goods have the registered trade marks «Legka Choda» («Легка Хода») and «Light Step». Be careful of falsifications!
Our Certification Tests of Textile and Knitted Wear Laboratory control quality characteristics of hosiery. The Laboratory is accreditated by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.

Childs assortment is certified. Mans and womans accortment are examined by the Hygiene and Sanitary Service.
All hosieries are corresponding to requirements of goverment standarts 8541-84, 18400-82, 2056-92, technical conditions 17.7-00307230-001:2005 and addendum in part «HOSIERY» to Sanitarian Regulations and Norms No. 42-125-4390-87.
You can buy our goods through the whole territory of Ukraine. An advanced distribution network allows deliver our goods to all regions rapidly. We cooperate with all national trade networks.

Remember! Zhytomyrs original socks are ones with «Legka Choda» and «Light Step».


Buy quality, wear with preasure!

JSC «Ukraina» is 75 years of irreproachable quality.

Our decorations:
In the 2008 the factory was rewarded the Diploma «the Winner of the National Business  Rankings for the Volumes of Sales, Labor Productivity, Net Profit, Wages”. And it was assigned a rank  “Leader of the Branch”.
In the 2007 JSC «Ukraina» was rewared the Diploma of  the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Ukraine owing to producing of the competitive goods and increasing of the export.
In the 2002 JSC «Ukraina» was rewared the Diploma «the Winner of the Contest nominated «the Best  Manufacturer at the Knitting Industry» The company is rewared Diploma «Zolote Grono Hmeliu» (the Golden Hops Cone) owing to high quality of the goods.
In the 2000-2002 trade marks «Legka Hoda», «Zhytomyrska Panchishna Fabryka» and «Light Step» were registered.
In the 1999  the factory was registered  in the Golden Book of Ukrainian Business as  the best domestic manufacturer of the hosiery.
In  the 1995 the factory joined the Register of  the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Ukraine as a reliable partner for  business  in Ukraine and abroad.
In the 1989  the factory was first in its branch, what  was registered as the
 member of foreign-economic activity. It is a constant exporter of  hosiery to the countries of  EU and  CIS.
4 December of the 1985 collective of the factory  were rewarded with the order “Znak Poshany” (the Sign of Honour) owing to high-level of  producing and working achievements.

Male collection

Female collection

Children's Collection


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