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Beware! Falsification!

Nobody wonders at falsifications of world known trade marks in Ukraine. A half of country wear Chinese running shoes «Puma», Vietnamese jeans «Lee» and Korean handbag «Gucci». The list of goods, the «direct produced» fill trade counters of the country, are still increasing. Our factory has joined this list recently.
The staff of the Crimean Regional Custom-House found out unusual load during standart inspection. The container, what arrived from Turkey, was filled with Zhytomyrs labeled man socks.
Ernest Ametov, the Chief of the Crimean Custom-House Press-Cutting Service, informes that it is the first registered cause of falsification of Ukrainian produced goods. As he says, we are accustomed to Italian knitted wear and footwear, which are produced in Turkey. But we are unaccustomed to Ukrainian socks, which are made in Turkey. (reference,
How can we identify, when we have socks of «Light Step» or falsification.
7)    labeled information must be Ukrainian, without mistakes and errors;
8)    there must be written the following information on label:
●    full indicated producers datas: telephone number and address, viz. JSC «Ukraina», Zhytomyr, Mury av., 16;
●    trade mark «Legka Choda» or «Light Step»;
●    name of knitwork, article, size, grade, conposition of raw materials and barcode;
●    indicated normative documents, which must point regulatory requirement to knitwork, viz. Government Standard 8541-81, 18400-82, 2053-92, Technical Terms U 17.7-00307230-001: 2005;
●    inspection symbols;
●    production date and expiration date.

Below we present outward appearance of labels, which indicate that goods are not produced by Zhytomyr hosiery factory.


Male collection

Female collection

Children's Collection


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